Best 4 Email Marketing Services For Your Blogs

Some Links In this post can be affiliate links. This means if you click at the links and make a purchase, I can also receives a small commission for free of charge to you. But relaxation that all opinions remain my own. What to consider when choosing an email marketing service.

Now that You learn what email marketing is and how it can benefit your blogging career, consider the following elements to choose the best email marketing service for your blog.

  • Price : If you’re a beginner blogger, you require to select the most affordable email marketing tool out there. Without compromising on quality. Don’t worry, there are free email marketing services for those on very budget, though they typically have few restrictions.
  • Ease of use : You want a digital marketing service that doesn’t require advanced tech skills. The easier it is to use, the better.
  • Features : The good email marketing platform ought to have features that are geared to supporting you succeed. Some features to contemplate include form and landing page templates, broadcast, email sequences, and automation.

 Best 4 email marketing services for your blogs

Convert kit is my number one recommendation for the best email marketing service for bloggers. This email marketing tool was made for bloggers by bloggers; it’s a 100 % restricted to assisting bloggers be successful .Not Only is it incredibly easy to use navigate,  even if you’re completely new to email marketing, however the company also endow weekly live training to assist you grow.

Convert Kit Pricing


Here’s a look at how much you’ll be charged every month to use ConvertKit.

Bottom line :

ConvertKit is an email marketing tool that’s incredibly easy to use and has lots of useful functions. It’s my #1 recommendation for the best email marketing service for bloggers.

Pros of convert kit

  •  Ability to create email sequences and automations. Powerful email creation tools.
  • Easy Integration with blogging tools such as word pressCons of Convert kit
  • Easy Integration with blogging tools such as word press.

 Cons  Of Convert Kit

If you have over 1,000 subscriber already, you will have to pay $29 per month, which is higher than you’ll find on some other plan.

(2)  Mailer lite

 Mailer life is another user friendly email marketing service that’s best for bloggers and Online business owners, It’s a some more affordable than Convert kit, and it offer even greater more templates for designing your email.

Pros of mailer life

  •  Offers affordable pricing, including a free plan that allows up to 1,000 subscribers
  • Has lots of well designed email templates to snazzy up your email.

Provides a variety of form templates, as well as the option to place forms in different places on your site.

Cons of Mailer Lite

  • Doesn’t offer chat support on the free plan
  • Doesn’t have as robust subscriber tagging or email automation features as some other service.
  • Has a longer sign up process than some other sites that requires approval before you can email more than 500 subscriber.
  • Doesn’t have as robust subscriber tagging or email automation features as some other service.

 (3) Moo Send

It’s an best choice for blogger and online business owners with its easy, drag and drop design tools and affordable pricing structure. While a few email marketing platforms are difficult to cognize, Moo send has a straightforward user experience that anyone can pick up.

Pros of Moo send

  • Intuitive drag and drop builder makes it easy to design beautiful newsletter, forms and landing pages without knowing any code.
  • Landing pages builder tools allows you to design custom pages to increase sign ups and conversions.
  • Automation tools and templates let you set up pre written series of emails to send to subscribers after they take a certain action.

Cons of Moo Send

  • Doesn’t offer phone support on the free plan.

  • Free plan doesn’t include landing page.
  • Some Moo send reviewers have said the dashboard can load slowly at times.

(4) Email Octopus

Email Octopus is one of the good email marketing platforms when considering value vs cost. It offers a completely free starter plan that lets you have up to 2,500 subscriber per month. Its paid plans start $20 per month for up to 5,000 subscribers, Plus, Email Octopus offers a 20 % discount to charities and non profits.

Pros Of Email Octopus

  • One of the most affordable email marketing platforms available ( plus it has a free plan).

  • Provides great value for the price with easy to design email newsletters, sign up forms, and landing pages.
  • Allows you to set up automated drip campaigns to your targeted subscribers.

Cons of Email Octopus

While its a best option for those one looking for a easy, straightforward tool, it’s missing some of the features that you can find with a price more advanced email marketing platforms, such as A/B Testing or customer relationship management. If you’re looking to develop your list with forms and landing pages, send out newsletters, and set up automated email sequences. Email octopus will assist you do that. But if you’re advanced email marketing needed more advanced solutions, you might be good off with a different service.

Email Octopus Pricing

Email octopus offers a completely free plan that allows you have to have up to 2,500 subscribers. For up to 5,000 subscribers email, you can upgrade to a paid plan for $20 per month.

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How To Protect Your Instagram Account From Being Hacked

Getting your Instagram account hacked can actually be a dreadful condition especially in case your earning depends on it to make sales and generate leads. So what are you able to do defend your Instagram account from being hacked? Well, the good defense is a sturdy offence! We’re sharing four methods to maintain your account secured as well as what to do in case your Instagram account gets hacked.

How to protect your Instagram account from hackers

(1) Pick a strong password

You don’t need the hassle of trying to memorize it yourself “explain Victor Givers.” There are password managers which allow you get entry to for your passwords on a computer pc, mobile phone, and even when you aren’t linked to the internet. Always vet the legitimacy of emails you get hold ( sender name, electronic mail address, URL they hyperlink to) and never give you password to someone you don’t know or trust to from potential phising attack.

(2) Turn on two factor authentication

How does it work? It’s a multi-method to process that requires users to verify their identity via a security code. This way, if you log into Instagram from an unrecognized device, you’ll be motivate to go into the code and confirm it’s you

Option 1 : Authentication App

If you have already got an authentication app set up, Instagram will automatically find the app and send a code to it. You’ll need to retrieve the code, input it on Instagram, and two factor authentication will turn on.

Option 2 : Text Message

If your account doesn’t have a confirmed phone number, you’ll be requested to enter one. Once you’ve entered your phone number, tap the “Next button”. Now when you login into your Instagram account from an unknown device, you‘ll be prompted to go into a security code that you receive by SMS. Watch out for suspicious Instagram DM and never share your personal details. Instagram recently shared a warning through the @creator account about a growth in Instagram phishing attempts.

(3) Make Sure Your Email Account is Secure

In a latest survey, 22% of internet users say their online accounts have been hacked at least as soon as while 14 % reported they were hacked more than once. So with this in mind, it’s the best idea to secure your emails encryption. These smooth deterrents can go a long way to defend your Instagram account from the hands of hackers.

 (4) Revoke Access to Suspicious Third Party Apps

Its not unusual to apply Instagram as a authorized account  to sign in to third party apps like dating services, games, and photo editing tools. But did you already know that even if you haven’t used said third party apps in weeks, months, or even years,

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Top 12 Offbeat Graphic Design Blogs To Gain Inspiration

It’s personal that even the best graphic designers for motivation and well-curated blogs can design well what they need. The following list of the 12 graphic design blogs will assist you to keep up to date with the latest design trends. Most of these blogs are run by graphic designers and editors from the imaginative industry who know precisely the thing what they are writing about,

(1) Adobe 99u

99u is a creative resource from adobe. It’s additionally a yearly conference that assists creative of all kinds speed up their work, connect and implement their thought. The online issue features different stories behind the careers of heading creatives. Moreover, they divulge helpful guides and tips on everything from business to instating a successful work-life balance.

Swiss Miss is one of the most reliable and sincere graphic design blogs out there. Founded in 2005 by Swiss graphic designer Tina Roth Eisenberg, this visual archive isn’t about clickbait, no surreptitious advertising, and no content production only by Google and other search engines. Swiss Miss just offers good quality content from creative experts to creative experts.

BP& O implies branding, packaging, and opinion, which depict the base topics of the blog very well. The website was established by Richard Baird, a British graphic designer, and writer. Based on his own taste and professionalism, this graphic design blog is a well-curated wellspring of highly inspiring projects,

All expert graphic designer know the Adobe creative cloud — its the place where one can get all the spell tool to making amazing designs but the platform has a finding section that highlight plenty of inspirit content as well as usage instructions, training videos, live streams, and free resources.

(5) Its nice that

It’s nice that is a famous online display found in 2007. Their content is described by a well-curated mix of illustration and graphic design projects alongside data on ensuing events. In addition, they produce a printed display called printed pages.

It’s nothing unexpected for here everything’s tied in with branding and identity design. They show inspiring case studies from hundreds of genius graphic designers and creative studios. You should add this blog to your bookmarks for eye-catching content.

(7) Visuelle

Curated by David Bennett, Visuelle is an online showcase for extraordinary projects from international freelance graphic designer and leading branding studios. The highlighted work comprises modern typography and minimalist graphic design solutions.

Unfortunately, most of their content is just accessible with a paid membership. The creative review has begun in 1980 as a print magazine. Today it’s an online platform with different channels. For their supporters, they offer great news and surveys.

Curated by Alessandro Scarpellini, the visual journal is a blog from Italy. The page highlights images of graphic design, branding, and visual communication projects from everywhere the world.

Mindsparkle mag is a graphic design blog and well spring of creative inspiriting for like minded people and creatives from all everywhere the world. They generally showcase outstanding projects from the field of graphic design, branding, web design, and motion graphics.

The creative blog is a good known online issued with millions of monthly page visits. They generally specialize in tutorials, product reviews, buying guides, the latest news, and some design releases. The creative blog shares a wide range of enlightening for web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, or 3D and VFX artists.

motivation grid has been launched in February 2011 as a graphic design blog celebrating outstanding ability from everywhere in the world. They offer daily highlights including topics such as design, art, illustration, typography, photography, architecture, fashion, and more.

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Top 10 Blogs Every Content Marketer Should Follow

In the realm of content marketing, video, and picture-based content sustains keeps on rising in notability — yet nothing has to dethrone written content as the basis of any brand’s digital marketing strategy. There are many various types of written content, from the standard blog to social posts and much more,

There’s a cause that blogging is the most common type of content writing and that is as blogs have a broad range of business profit. From assisting with SEO and getting your website to the highest point of the ranking to elevating your business as a specialist in your field, blogs are still a vital type of content to focus on. Not sure what to write about? Turn to your team for assist — brainstorming topics, for content writing with your group will assist you to discover blog topics you may not have thought about. No matter how you come up with your blog post ideas, the important things to have a blog and use it.

Making social media post is the best way to hone content writing skills. Since posts are ordinarily short, snappy, quick, you can simply try out various styles of writing and see what people reply to. It’s not difficult to change direction and accommodate if you require to tweak your writing style since social media posts are typically fluid and changeable nature. You can likewise practice A/B testing with your social media ads — try writing two varied posts and sending it to equal demographics and see which one performs better.

Your site is a giant piece of content writing that is regularly neglected as content. From writing each page to creating frequently asked questions or a resource center for clients, your website is often the first point of content for potential customers. Remember that content writing for your website must meet clients who are at all varied places in their journey to purchasing, so you ought to have content that connects with clients at all levels,

one thing that sets newsletter and clients email apart from different kinds of content writing is the fact that ordinarily your audience for these pieces of content are people who are already clients and familiar or loyal to your brand. Offering peerless content that they cannot get other places can assist keep their interest and make them pay attention to your emails.

While you may not think of an infographic as a piece of content writing, truly infographics are a mix of visual and written. Think about varied statistics. Or interesting facts regarding your company or products, and utilize those to make infographics to dispense to your social media channel. For an easier infographic, you can take a stab at making a comparison sheet. An easy chart that compares your products to another can assist educate your customers and make the case for your product.

Making ebooks for your clients is an best way to offer in-depth explorations of your product and services. This is good educational tool and can assist you to understand potential customers to convert to actual customers. Content writer for these pieces can be more technical, however ensure that you keep the jargon and specialized vocabulary to a minimum or understand it so you carry your audience alongside you.

White paper are like ebooks in that they are longer pieces that are meant to be educational and delve deeper into subjects. However, white paper assist you to establish your business as an industry master and gives you authority in the eyes of clients. White papers can expand on topics that you use in your blog post or cover other related topics or opinions.

These types of content writing are very useful for your present clients and for individuals who are near to making the purchasing decision. You can show off your products and how to utilize them and assist your clients with understand and use your products completely.

In case you’re looking to optimize your conversion rate, case studies are a helpful tool. Clients are regularly convinced by case studies that reassert your products and solutions work. Its vital to show things like the value your business provides, sales history, and compare a contrast to your competitors solutions. Writing on a client challenging and showing your products solved that issue is a best technique to create your first case study.

it might appear strange to think about videos as a place where you need content writing, yet truly your videos will be much more successful if you script them before filming. Writing out the discussion point or scripting the entire

videos is a best way to make sure the videos stay on topic and cover what they need to cover. Consider your goals when making video content and consider writing outlines or full scripts if necessary. Sometimes people can be restless about being on camera, and having a script or loose talking points can assist take the anxiety out of what to say.

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